2017 11/26 THU

I can’t sleep every day. It’s my first sleepless.

2016 11/06 SUN

I understand how John feel. So I’m sad…

2017 10/20 FRI

I wanted to straight. But it was a curving road

2017 10/04 WED


Goodbye my summer!

2017 09/19 TUE

Raccoon came my window ( my room is 2nd floor). I was freaking out. But raccoon was so cute!

2017 09/13 WED

Every day is ascetic practice.

2017 06/30 FRI

More freely!

2017 06/18 SUN

This is my farther (For father’s day)

2017 06/07 WED

I’m crazy about “Stranger things”. If my head is no flat at the back, I would get shaved head.

2017 06/06 TUE

I think everyday. “Do I eat what kind of bread today?” Stop me somebody…

2017 05/14 SUN

Today is mother’s day. Thank you very much for always!

2017 04/07 FRI

In spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn. Everyone, spring has come.

2017 04/01 SAT

I was deceived this year too.