2016 06/07 TUE

I watched a movie. But I couldn’t understand.

2016 05/28 SAT

A night family restraint is strange…

2016 05/19 THU

Tonight, I knew that Gyudon (a bowl of rice covered with cooked beef) is healthy.

2016 05/12 THU

Unlucky day

2016 05/11 WED

My friend said “ Don’t wear crinkled shirts!” So I bought a steam iron.

2016 05/10 TUE

I took a break from work. I pay for this!

2016 05/09 MON

My first Tsuyudaku.

2016 05/08 SUN

The final day of holiday. I had a working dream. I’m an office worker…

2016 05/08 SUN

Happy Mother’s Day

2016 05/07 SAT

I was out for the first time in a while. But I had an upset stomach. I didn’t have rehabilitation enough.

2016 05/06 FRI

I ate omelet containing fried rice in cafe. It’s holiday’s rehabilitation.

2016 05/05 THU

It is so difficult for me get up.

2016 05/04 WED

I forgot I’m an office worker.

2016 05/03 TUE

I lost sense of the days.